At LPL we believe in providing the best entertainment for all of your bookings. We provide a diverse range of services at the highest quality. If you have any specific requests please get in touch with us and our team members would be happy to attend to you.

Performance Hire

Mainstream and Television

LPL provide a professional team of elite dancers and choreographers for mainsteam events. The team members have worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Sky One and clients such as Muller Yoghurt, Walker’s Crisp and Children in Need. They have been commended for their attention to detail and professionalism both on and off screen.  LPL encompass the skill to create and deliver products as per the clientele specification, which has led to satisfied service users and longevity of a positive relationship with the mainstream industry. Choreographers and Dancers at LPL are available for mainstream hire upon request.

Private, Corporate and Business Events

It could not be more important than to have the perfect entertainment for your event. LPL provides customised and on demand exclusive performances for your guests. These are guaranteed to provide a memorable evening and leave your guests mesmerised and bustling with excitement. LPL are able to adapt to the environment providing a seamless performance consistent with the theme of the event. The acts produced will consist of top quality choreography executed to perfection.

Teaching Services

Dance Workshops

At LPL dance workshops you will be able to learn, work-out and have fun all at the same time. Our strategically outlined workshops have been built on a trial and tested model for the best results. The workshops can be adapted to fit your purpose and suit your needs. We cater for private dance workshops, team building dance workshops for events at work, interactive dance workshops for guests at your event and other workshops available upon request. The professionals at LPL will certainly provide an easy yet challenging environment so that you are fully satisfied with the service.

Bollywood Dance Masterclasses

With Europe’s leading Bollywood choreographer, we are proud to be able to offer our high in demand Bollywood Dance Masterclasses. At LPL we believe in providing an educational environment and encouraging students to venture beyond their known limitations.  Providing them with inspiration, motivation and challenging their abilities we help them to cross boundaries and improve their skills. These masterclasses are aimed at dancers aged 15 years and above; from junior to professional level and offered on an international scale.

BollyKids Zone

LPL BollyKids Zone is the ideal platform for children to channel their high energy and focus on learning in a fun and active environment. The sessions are kept short to suit the attention span of the younger generation and movement vocabulary is introduced through fun energetic routines to popular Bollywood songs. LPL have a vast experience in teaching children Indian Classical and Bollywood dance. An exhilarating atmosphere is created where children are able to thrive with creativity and learn dance from the basics to a junior level.  Opportunities to showcase their talent is a great way to build confidence and this is something that we offer at LPL. Dance courses are aimed at children aged 5 – 13 years old and available upon request.

Wedding Services

First Dance Choreography

It is difficult enough dancing with 2 left feet let alone 4! LPL will provide a fun atmosphere to learn your first dance moves as a couple. We will teach you how to hold poise, glide and cha cha cha. There is nothing more important than a coordinated and seamless first dance as a couple when all eyes are on you. LPL will walk you through basic movements which will gradually be built up to create a spectacular routine based around your strengths and comfort. We can provide specialist advice on song choice, choreography and confidence which you can show off to all your guests.

Family Performances

Whether it’s a surprise from the family or a planned performance, there is nothing better than bringing everyone together with a lively energetic Bollywood dance routine. Why not show off your dance skills at a family function, or better yet, raise the bar at a wedding by surprising the guests and beating expectations from the in-laws? Our instructors will choreograph a vibrant and fun routine exclusive for you and to the songs of your choice. With the talent at LPL you will have a truly unique experience and end product, which will enthral the whole family and spectating guests.